Parking space is at your disposal, accessible via the Rue Lens :

Entrée du parking
  • In the Rue Lens, between numbers 19 and 21 – garage gate in horizontal wood;
  • Put your car before the gate and step out;
  • On the intercom left from the entry ((see picture attached) : push on Contacts (at the top) – on the touch-screen : scroll till you reach “Iuxta legal” and then ring;
  • The garage will be opened remotely;
  • In the parking take left immediately, you can leave your car on one of the IUXTA LEGAL parking spaces;
  • To leave the parking and go to the elevators : walk towards the back of the parking. You’ll find the door on your right;
  • Same procedure with the intercom at the right-hand side of the door;
  • You can take the elevator up to the 5th floor.