Criminal law

A rigorous and demanding methodology

A dynamic approach of criminal risks based on anticipation and proactivity

Criminal law often occurs by surprise, in both professional and private life. Being called for a police interrogation, a bank account which has been blocked, being summoned to appear before the police court : these are events which can cause stress and frustration and can have a destabilising effect.

The criminal procedures are often criticized and are considered to be arbitrary, long, unpredictable and lacking transparency.

All aspects of criminal law lead to suspicion and concern.

The role of a criminal lawyer is to be at the heart of such a hostile environment. In a nutshell, the criminal lawyer is there to preserve the defendant’s rights.

Other qualities are of course also required within our department : a pedagogical approach in order to explain to clients the impenetrable ways of the criminal procedure, the necessary insight in order to fix the defence objectives, diplomacy in order to approach magistrates in a successful manner, a methodical and rigorous way of working in order to analyse complex files, handling speech with a summarizing and quick-witted mindset.

Our department aims to achieve these requirements in terms of anticipation and proactivity, whereby a lawyer’s intervention in criminal matters must keep the necessary distance from the facts which may lead to a criminal liability.

By deploying anticipation and proactivity, our department offers a more dynamic approach to the criminal risks. This allows us to try and prevent certain events from happening (such as e.g. search warrants), or to have a better grasp on situations which clients may have to face (e.g. preparing interrogations). As part of this same approach, we also value our commitment to trainings/prevention, away from the specific criminal files we handle (e.g. by giving training sessions on criminal procedures).