Public law

Our department Public law and administrative law :

  • A rigorous and demanding methodology

  • Proven experience

  • A dynamic and pragmatic approach.


Rigorous and demanding methodology

We swear by a rigorous control of the matters we deal with.

Such control was obtained through the number of files we have treated, but also by numerous scientific publications, trainings and seminars. Obviously, other qualities are also necessary in order to handle your file : a didactical and synthetical approach in order to explain the course of your file, a rigorous working method in order to analyze extensive files and an often complex and constantly changing legislation, a clear vision in order to fix together with the client the goals we aim to achieve, the necessary diplomacy and flexibility for successful negotiations or contacts with various private or public partners …, these are the basic requirements are departments strives for.


Anticipation and pro-activity

Our department assists clients proactively when defining and elaborating pragmatic solutions for the short, medium or long run. This pragmatic approach in reaching solutions is dictated by the efficiency which depending on the goals which are set is being put into practice.

Our department assists both public (Regions, communes, intercity companies, public utility companies,…) and private players (multinational companies, small companies, stock market listed companies). Each file is an enrichment for the next, and allows to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the various players and their specific needs.


Working areas :

  • Assistance to public authorities when setting up public utility institutions, especially following the 6th constitutional reform

  • Defense for the financing of public utility institutions, including before court

  • Assignments on legislation and transposing European directives

  • Litigation concerning air traffic (Brussels National Airport, Walloon airports,…)

  • Assistance to public authorities or commercial companies when implementing or judicially defending listed installations (environmental permit, single permit, waste management)

  • Assistance for complex real estate projects for or together with public authorities, which requires the joint command of negotiating and structuring in rem rights, obtaining all of the administrative authorizations (planning permits, environmental permit, permit for commercial implant, creation of road infrastructure…), soil pollution, expropriation, preemption, legal easement of public utility or public domain, competition etc.

  • Creating PPC for renovation projects and urban renewal, both in the Walloon and the Brussels region

  • Litigation before the lower and higher courts, and before the Council of State and the Constitutional Court


A list of work done covers :

  • Studying the Legal framework for the creation of public utility institutions

  • Defending the financing of a public utility institution before lower and higher courts and the Council of State

  • Studying strengths and weaknesses of various public legal structures for managing real estate projects by Regions, communes or intercity companies (non-profit associations, own control, independent commune control, mixed economical company,…)

  • Managing various litigation against noise pollution by the Brussels National Airport, since 2004;

  • Legal advice on the use of pesticides